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Product Characteristics Code
Insulating support Bars màx. 30x10mm
Tray connector set 2 poles AC26633008-2
Tray connector set 4 poles AC26633008-4
Empty cabinet with
blind doors
CLMH-1 AC49823008-A
Empty cabinet with
blind doors
CLMH-2 AC49823008-B
Empty cabinet with
blind doors
CLMH-2 IS2 AC49823049-B
Empty tray CLMH BJ10000912-1
Empty tray CLMH IS2 BJ10000912-2
Tray support rail CLMH BJ10000930-1
Tray support rail CLMH IS2 BJ10000930-2
Copper bars (1 unit) | CLMH-1 AC26313004-1
Copper bars (1 unit) | CLMH-2 AC26313004-2
CLMH Plinth 600x600mm 
Height: 200mm
Socket cover CLMH (IS2) 600X100X1mm AC49823050-A
Bottom cover CLMH (IS2) 600x600x2mm AC49823051-A
Polycarbonate CLMH Transparent plate


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