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The CLMD63 capacitor is designed to achieve the highest level of reliability, safety, performance and power, all in a compact and robust manner.




See power table below. Powers and tensions that do not appear in this can be manufactured under special manufacture.


Code Q (kvar) Model&Size Volt Red (Nom) Freq
AC401004AB 40 CLMD63 230V 50Hz
AC401004AK 48 CLMD63 230V 50Hz
AC401004AC 56 CLMD63 230V 50Hz
AC401004AD 64 CLMD63 230V 50Hz
AC401004NA 42 CLMD63 240V 60Hz
AC401004NB 52 CLMD63 240V 60Hz
AC401004NC 63 CLMD63 240V 60Hz
AC401004ND 73 CLMD63 240V 60Hz
AC401004DB 47 CLMD63 250V 50Hz
AC401004DC 57 CLMD63 250V 50Hz
AC401004DD 66 CLMD63 250V 50Hz
AC401004DH 76 CLMD63 250V 50Hz
AC401004BB 60 CLMD63 400V 50Hz
AC401004BC 70 CLMD63 400V 50Hz
AC401004BD 80 CLMD63 400V 50Hz
AC401004EB 65 CLMD63 415V 50Hz
AC401004EC 75 CLMD63 415V 50Hz
AC401004ED 86 CLMD63 415V 50Hz
AC401004FB 70 CLMD63 440V 50Hz
AC401004FC 80 CLMD63 440V 50Hz
AC401004GA 57 CLMD63 460V 50Hz
AC401004GB 70 CLMD63 460V 50Hz
AC401004GC 80 CLMD63 460V 50Hz
AC401004RA 55 CLMD63 460V 60Hz
AC401004RB 69 CLMD63 460V 60Hz
AC401004RC 83 CLMD63 460V 60Hz
AC401004HC 63 CLMD63 500V 50Hz
AC401004HD 72 CLMD63 500V 50Hz
AC401004CC 70 CLMD63 525V 50Hz
AC401004CD 80 CLMD63 525V 50Hz
AC401004KA 53 CLMD63 550V 50Hz
AC401004KB 63 CLMD63 550V 50Hz
AC401004KC 74 CLMD63 550V 50Hz
AC401004KD 84 CLMD63 550V 50Hz
AC401004LA 63 CLMD63 600V 50Hz
AC401004LB 75 CLMD63 600V 50Hz
AC401004LC 88 CLMD63 600V 50Hz
AC401004MA 61 CLMD63 660V 50Hz
AC401004MB 76 CLMD63 660V 50Hz
XAC401004BBY 60 CLMD63 690V 50Hz
XAC401004BCY 70 CLMD63 690V 50Hz
XAC401004BDY 80 CLMD63 690V 50Hz

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