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Modular Capacitor Banks - CLMH-2

Modular type designed for medium and large powers suitable for all locations due to its versatility.

The modular system is one of the different proposals ABB offers for power factor correction, harmonic filtering and dynamic compensation in problematic installations.

The multiple automatic functions of the RVC power factor regulator, as well as its easy-to-manage interface, make CLMH extremely easy to operate.







See range in table below. Powers and voltages that do not appear in this table can be manufactured under special order.

Q (kvar) Model Code Composition Type Ured
120 CLMH-2 H270013-BPJKN 20+40+60 Standard 400V
135 CLMH-2 H270014-BPEGL 15+30+(2x45) Standard 400V
140 CLMH-2 H270014-BPJK 20+(3x40) Standard 400V
150 CLMH-2 H270013-BPGN 30+(2x60) Standard 400V
165 CLMH-2 H270014-BPEGN 15+30+(2x60) Standard 400V
175 CLMH-2 H270014-BPFM 25+(3x50) Standard 400V
180 CLMH-2 H270014-BPJKN 20+40+(2x60) Standard 400V
200 CLMH-2 H270015-BPJJKN 20+20+40+(2x60) Standard 400V
210 CLMH-2 H270014-BPGN 30+(3x60) Standard 400V
220 CLMH-2 H270016-BPJK 20+(5x40) Standard 400V
225 CLMH-2 H270015-BPEGN 15+30+(3x60) Standard 400V
240 CLMH-2 H270015-BPGGN 30+30+(3x60) Standard 400V
250 CLMH-2 H270115-BPM 5x50 Standard 400V
250 CLMH-2 H270116-BPFFM 25+25+(4x50) Standard 400V
250 CLMH-2 H271116-BPFFM 25+25+(4x50) Standard 400V
270 CLMH-2 H270115-BPGN 30+(4x60) Standard 400V
275 CLMH-2 H270116-BPFM 25+(5x50) Standard 400V
285 CLMH-2 H270116-BPEGN 15+30+(4x60) Standard 400V
300 CLMH-2 H270115-BPN 5x60 Standard 400V
330 CLMH-2 H270116-BPGN 30+(5x60) Standard 400V
360 CLMH-2 H270116-BPN 6x60 Standard 400V
400 CLMH-2 H270028-BPM 8x50 Standard 400V
420 CLMH-2 H270027-BPN 7x60 Standard 400V
425 CLMH-2 H270129-BPFM 25+(8x50) Standard 400V
450 CLMH-2 H270129-BPM 9x50 Standard 400V
480 2xCLMH-2 H270138-BPN 8x60 Standard 400V
500 2xCLMH-2 H2701310-BPM 10x50 Standard 400V
510 2xCLMH-2 H270139-BPGN 30+(8x60) Standard 400V
540 2xCLMH-2 H270139-BPN 9x60 Standard 400V
570 2xCLMH-2 H2701310-BPGN 30+(9x60) Standard 400V
600 2xCLMH-2 H2701310-BPN 10x60 Standard 400V
630 2xCLMH-2 H2701311-BPGN 30+(10x60) Standard 400V
660 2xCLMH-2 H2701311-BPN 11x60 Standard 400V
720 2xCLMH-2 H2701312-BPN 12x60 Standard 400V
750 2xCLMH-2 H2701415-BPMS 50+(7x100) Standard 400V
780 2xCLMH-2 H2701413-BPNT 60+(6x120) Standard 400V
800 2xCLMH-2 H2701416-BPMMS 50+50+(7x100) Standard 400V
840 2xCLMH-2 H2701414-BPNNT 60+60+(6x120) Standard 400V
850 2xCLMH-2 H2701417-BPMS 50+(8x100) Standard 400V
900 2xCLMH-2 H2701415-BPNT 60+(7x120) Standard 400V
120 CLMH-2 H270014-FPDDH 20+20+(2x40) Reforzada 400V
125 CLMH-2 H270013-FPEK 25+(2x50) Reforzada 400V
140 CLMH-2 H270014-FPDH 20+(3x40) Reforzada 400V
150 CLMH-2 H270014-FPEEK 25+25+(2x50) Reforzada 400V
175 CLMH-2 H270014-FPEK 25+(3x50) Reforzada 400V
180 CLMH-2 H270015-FPDH 20+(4x40) Reforzada 400V
200 CLMH-2 H270015-FPEEK 25+25+(3x50) Reforzada 400V
220 CLMH-2 H270116-FPDH 20+(5x40) Reforzada 400V
225 CLMH-2 H270115-FPEK 25+(4x50) Reforzada 400V
250 CLMH-2 H270115-FPK 5x50 Reforzada 400V
250 CLMH-2 H270116-FPEEK 25+25+(4x50) Reforzada 400V
275 CLMH-2 H270116-FPEK 25+(5x50) Reforzada 400V
300 CLMH-2 H270116-FPK 6x50 Reforzada 400V
325 CLMH-2 H270027-FPEK 25+(6x50) Reforzada 400V
350 CLMH-2 H270027-FPK 7x50 Reforzada 400V
375 CLMH-2 H270028-FPEK 25+(7x50) Reforzada 400V
400 CLMH-2 H270028-FPK 8x50 Reforzada 400V
425 CLMH-2 H270129-FPEK 25+(8x50) Reforzada 400V
450 2xCLMH-2 H270139-FPK 9x50 Reforzada 400V
475 2xCLMH-2 H2701310-FPEK 25+(9x50) Reforzada 400V
500 2xCLMH-2 H2701310-FPK 10x50 Reforzada 400V
525 2xCLMH-2 H2701311-FPEK 25+(10x50) Reforzada 400V
550 2xCLMH-2 H2701311-FPK 11x50 Reforzada 400V
575 2xCLMH-2 H2701312-FPEK 25+(11x50) Reforzada 400V
600 2xCLMH-2 H2701312-FPK 12x50 Reforzada 400V
650 2xCLMH-2 H2701413-FPKS 50+(6x100) Reforzada 400V
700 2xCLMH-2 H2701414-FPKKS 50+50+(6x100) Reforzada 400V
750 2xCLMH-2 H2701415-FPKS 50+(7x100) Reforzada 400V
800 2xCLMH-2 H2701416-FPKKS 50+50+(7x100) Reforzada 400V
850 2xCLMH-2 H2701417-FPKS 50+(8x100) Reforzada 400V
900 2xCLMH-2 H2701418-FPKKS 50+50+(8x100) Reforzada 400V
Q (kvar) Model Code Composition Type Ured
50 CLMH-2 H280112-FPE 2x25 React 189Hz 400V
60 CLMH-2 H280112-FPDH 20+40 React 189Hz 400V
75 CLMH-2 H280112-FPEK 25+50 React 189Hz 400V
100 CLMH-2 H280113-FPEEK 25+25+50 React 189Hz 400V
120 CLMH-2 H280114-FPDDH 20+20+(2x40) React 189Hz 400V
125 CLMH-2 H280113-FPEK 25+(2x50) React 189Hz 400V
150 CLMH-2 H280114-FPEEK 25+25+(2x50) React 189Hz 400V
175 CLMH-2 H280124-FPEK 25+(3x50) React 189Hz 400V
200 CLMH-2 H280124-FPKKS 50+50+100 React 189Hz 400V
225 CLMH-2 H280125-FPEK 25+(4x50) React 189Hz 400V
250 CLMH-2 H280125-FPKS 50+(2x100) React 189Hz 400V
275 2xCLMH-2 H280136-FPEKS 25+50+(2x100) React 189Hz 400V
300 CLMH-2 H280125-FPL 5x60 React 189Hz 400V
300 2xCLMH-2 H280136-FPKKS 50+50+(2x100) React 189Hz 400V
325 2xCLMH-2 H280147-FPEK 25+(6x50) React 189Hz 400V
350 2xCLMH-2 H280147-FPKS 50+(3x100) React 189Hz 400V
375 2xCLMH-2 H280148-FPEKS 25+50+(3x100) React 189Hz 400V
400 2xCLMH-2 H280148-FPKKS 50+50+(3x100) React 189Hz 400V
425 2xCLMH-2 H280149-FPEK 25+(8x50) React 189Hz 400V
450 2xCLMH-2 H280149-FPKS 50+(4x100) React 189Hz 400V
475 2xCLMH-2 H2801410-FPEK 25+(9x50) React 189Hz 400V
500 2xCLMH-2 H2801410-FPKKS 50+50+(4x100) React 189Hz 400V
550 3xCLMH-2 H2801611-FPKS 50+(5x100) React 189Hz 400V
600 3xCLMH-2 H2801612-FPKKS 50+50+(5x100) React 189Hz 400V
600 2xCLMH-2 H2801410-FPLLT 60+60+(4x120) React 189Hz 400V
650 3xCLMH-2 H2801613-FPKS 50+(6x100) React 189Hz 400V
700 3xCLMH-2 H2801614-FPKKS 50+50+(6x100) React 189Hz 400V
750 3xCLMH-2 H2801615-FPKS 50+(7x100) React 189Hz 400V
840 3xCLMH-2 H2801614-FPLLT 60+60+(6x120) React 189Hz 400V
900 3xCLMH-2 H2801615-FPLT 60+(7x120) React 189Hz 400V
150 CLMH-1 H280113-FPK 3x50 React 189Hz 400V
240 CLMH-2 H280124-FPL 4x60 React 189Hz 400V
1200 4xCLMH-2 H2801820-FPLLT 60+60+(9x120) React 189Hz 400V

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