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CLMH-2: Modular Capacitor Banks

modular and customizable

Although they are presented as fully wired complete units, factory tested and ready to connect to the network, CLMH models can also be dessigned in a personalized way, by choosing trays according to the needs of each installation and mounting them in a standard cabinet.

The trays installed in the cupboards are entirely interchangeable, regardless of the power of the condensers that make them up.

Easy to select, INSTALL, and operate

Easy to select

  • CLMH can be built with or without reactors. 
  • CLMH offer a wide power range, from 120kvar up to 450kvar in a single unit (from 50kvar up to 300kvar with antiresonance reactors). In case of needing more power, more units can be installed (in series or in parallel) according to the specific needs of each installation. 
  • Power scaling in small steps and appropriate switching sequences allow for proper regulation.

Easy to install

  • CLMH is a complete unit, checked in production and ready for connection. Commission can be done automatically. 
  • CLMH cabinets are equipped with elevation eyebolt that allow an easy maintenance.

Easy to operate

  • The automatic multiple functions of an RVC power correction regulator, as well as the easy UI, make CLMH extremely easy to operate.


Safe and Reliable

CLMH’s reliability is based on a group of ABB components especifically designed for the application of power factor correction systems. CLMH have an IP42 protection level with closed doors. 

CLMD Capacitors

CLMD 33A is a compact and powerful capacitor specially designed to be used in automatic capacitor banks. Offering a long product lifetime even under high electric demands, unique performance and a sequential protection system.

ABB Contactors 

CLMH require ABB contactors, specially designed to handle capacitors. Equipped with pre-insertion resistors that absorb the transient generated by connecting the capacitor. They present a lifetime of 250,000 maneuvers for network voltages below 500V and 100,000 maneuvers for network voltages equal to or above 500V.

RVC Power Factor Controller


RVC are easy-to-handle power factor regulators, allowing for an automatic comissioning. Unaffected by the presence of harmonics, resists up to 70ºC. 

Dry-like, resin-covered reactors are specifically designed for power factor correction applications. Their exceptional characteristics of linearity and resistance to thermal stress esure a high level of reliability even in occasional overvoltage cases.


The best counselling

We have specialists who will carry out a detailed harmonics study to propose a personalised and safe solution for your installation.


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